Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Less then Perfect Lunch

Was thinking what to cook for lunch yesterday, after some suggestions from daddy n thinking, here are the dishes;

Simple lunch for 3

Gouji with 3 eggs+fish cakes

Old cucumber, sweet corn & pork ribs soup

Stir-fried black sauce prawns

Looks good right? This is the first time I am cooking the stir-fried black sauce prawns. I thought I do a prawn dish since Little DinoEgg likes to eat it. I found this recipe on the web;

* 12 medium-large tiger prawns
* 1 tablespoon oil
* 2 tablespoon dark soy sauce
* 1 tablespoon sugar (I skipped this since Little DinoEgg is eating this dish)

* Heat oil in wok.
* Saute prawns till they turn red on both sides.
* Add in the dark soy sauce and sugar.
* Cook till the prawns are done. The liquid in the wok should be now left slightly less then half and thicken too. (This only happens when you add sugar to the dish)
* Dish and serve with rice.

* I sauteed some finely chopped up garlic before adding the prawns. After adding the black sauce I throw in some spring onions.

Anyway the lunch is a failure though I successfully cooked the prawns. Turn out that some of the prawns stick to the shell as the prawns are not fresh :(

Then the gouji leaves too *sigh* It gets spoilt so easily! By the time I carry it from office to mum's place n back home 9hrs later (to save my time I bought them during lunch time) I am left with a handful of the leaves. Once it gets into the wok, it shrink into a miserable size. This was suppose to be gouji leaves with 3 eggs but I threw in fish cakes for Little DinoEgg. Plus in a state of panic, I added to much water (again) into the wok, thus the ugly egg n sauce.

Old cucumber soup is ok, to my standard, those I think its not "sweet" enough. Perhaps its coz the sweet corn was abit dry. I bought it last weekend so the fridge were slowly "sucking out" its moisture hahaha~

Anyway, most important thing is Little DinoEgg enjoy the less then perfect lunch (^^,)

Eating one of the "better quality" prawn

Happy Child!

I will try to cook the prawns again!

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