Monday, September 13, 2010

Art Class

We have been looking around for art class for Little DinoEgg but nothing catches our eye till Catherine suggest the community centre. Even so, there were no new class for begginers at that time. Finally there is a class but it started ytd :( Nevertheless we decide to sign up, missing the 1st class shouldn't lose out anything.

Amongst a list of things that we are supposed to get and bring to class, there is an item "china marking pencil". In my mind I think I know what it look like but couldn't be sure, thus I did a search which confirms my guess :) This is the marking pencil. I used to play with this when I was young, love to do the peeling hehehe~

We told Little DinoEgg earlier that we are going to sign up drawing class for him, guess he still does not know what it is yet. I believe he will be happy there, even if he does not turn out to be a Picasso, it will be a place where he can "make a mess with colors" to his heart content.

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