Monday, September 13, 2010

Emily's Birthday Party

We dash down to MacMac @ AMK after our swimming class for Emily's 1st Birthday Party! She is holding it together with 2 friends at MarMac. We were running late as the party starts at 5pm, swim class ends at this time, and by the time we were sitting in a cab flying towards AMK its already 5.30pm. I think Lady Luck decides to stand at our side coz when we reached the party has not started yet. Turns out that CTE has a bad traffic jam and some of the guests were caught in it n thus was late.

This is the 1st time we attend a MacMac birthday party. Its very interesting n very relaxing for me n Daddy. This is becoz the kids are all inside the party area while the adults sits outside chatting n eating. The MacMac party planners entertains the kids with games, balloon sculpture etc. There were a few parents inside the party area to be with their kids, they were so nice to help take care of the other kids too. Whenever I find a chance to squeeze pass the entrance, I will pop in to check on Little DinoEgg. He was handling the new friends and aunties well. Once I saw him asking 1 mummy politely to help him take out the straw for his apple juice.

I went in to check on him again when they serve the cupcakes. He got 1 yellow cupcake with jellybeans on it. Of coz he attacked the jellybeans first, I left him to enjoy his yummy cupcake. About 15 mins later, while every one was queueing to get the MacMac goodie bag + balloon, he was still sitting at his chair holding to the cupcake. Daddy commented that perhaps he was afraid to move since he did not finish it so I went in to check on him. Turns out he doesn't like the cupcake (after the jellybeans are gone), I saw he only bite off 1 small bit so I told him to leave it on the table if he does not want it any more. I allow him to do that coz I think the cupcakes are too sweet. I ate one and the iciing is too sweet to my liking and the cupcake abit dry. Should have taken Emily's pink birthday cake instead hehehe~

Nic told me that when they were singing birthday songs Little DinoEgg was standing on the chair, hands on the table n talking at the top of his voice. Being a drama king, he told the rest to "be careful! I am here!" etc etc while shaking the table. Nic was so afraid that he will topple the table n land all the cakes onto the floor that she has to try to calm him down. I only know this after everything was over. Luckily he did not cause any "tragic death" of some beautiful cakes.

I have always thought MacMac birthday party are messy with bad organizing n coordinating work. Well, it is better then I thought. At least the parents need not bother much on their kids (perhaps for the older ones) and I am sure the kids enjoy themselves to the max too, in the midst of chaos.

I saw a different side of Little DinoEgg too. Within 5mins he made a new friend, Matthew; older brother of 1 of the birthday boy Marcus. I was sitting down resting while Little DinoEgg explore the area n pple. He came back to me with Matthew and told me "His name is Matthew." I thought he is his school mate, when I ask him how come he knows, he told me "I asked for his name." oooo~~ Very good! So he is actually not that shy as what he has shown me when we meet up new friends, all those are just him pretending to be shy, haha~ now I know.

This is the only birthday party post that I do not blog about the birthday kid coz the kids are all together while the adults "minded their own business" eating, chatting n making their own new friends, just like any other gathering. To me, it does not feel like a Birthday Party coz the focus was not there :P Regardless, it is still a good party.

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