Saturday, September 11, 2010

Splish Splash n BBBrrrrrr

Little DinoEgg went for his 1st swimming lesson WOOT! He was shouting "YEAH! Swimming!" when he know that he is going for a swim however we were afraid he will refuse to go into the water as he had did that before when we went for swim with friends.

It was a hot hot hot day! Our 10mins+ walk fm our house to the swimming complex is a torture! Next time I will carry an umbrella coz there were practically no shade, the trees were too small to provide any cooling shades on the path way.

We went searching for the class, there were so many pple at the pool, either there for lessons or trying to cool off from the heat. We managed to locate our coach 10mins after the class time and I sighed a sign of relieve when I see the coach hahaa! Coz its a young chap, not some old uncle coz from what I observe, they are usually fiercer n more stern :P I would think Little DinoEgg would not want to go for 2nd lesson if the coach is a fierce one *phew*

He did well for his 1st lesson :) Went into the water without much protest or much coaxing from the coach. He even blow bubbles in the water..... surface (lol) *play cheat* He was very good at kicking water while sitting at the edge of the pool but once in the water he did not kick as hard. He even lie floating on his back n kicking his feet, of coz with coach holding him at his back. I think he is brave coz I think for a 1st timer to lie back on the water requires alot of courage and he must feel very comfortable with the coach to put all his trust on him.

An hour passes very quickly and soon its time to go home, surely to be back for subsequent lessons.

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