Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bubble fun

To ensure that we go for our swimming lessons today, I decided to bring Little DinoEgg out for some exercise in the morning. However the heavy rain ytd puts off my idea of going to the Botanic Gardens as I was afraid the grassy fields will be muddy. So I thought of getting Catherine & Geraldine to bring our kids downstairs for some bubble fun.

With Geraldine at work, Catherine has to take care of Alexavier n wow~ she is (in her own words) "going crazy" and welcome the idea. So 3 happy kids blowing bubbles, chasing after bubbles, spilling bubbles solutions, squealing, screaming, laughing, running n having great fun under the void deck. Me and Catherine thought we could just sit back, relax while they play. No such luxury. We have to blow the bubbles when the kids are tired of blowing.

In no time, little Alexavier is tired n is looking for mummy. We decided to head home for rest n perhaps a nap. For us, its back for a quick lunch of noodles soup then off to bed for his nap. He knocked off within 20mins of hitting the sack, so swimming, here we come!

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