Friday, September 10, 2010

Daddy's cooking today

I went groceries shopping ytd planning to do some cooking today but instead Daddy is doing it (^^,)

Cheese sausages with eggs

Ok the eggs are ugly (I'm sure a certain person will be really happy to see this result n announce to others that she found some "uglier eggs" then hers LOL) coz we have a poor quality pan that makes things stick to it in seconds :( However that does not affect the taste of the eggs. We practically licked the plates clean!

Udon miso soup

Catherine taught me this; miso paste from supermarket, udon, silken toufu and crab stick. Daddy decided to grill a chicken breast, cut in small stripes n add into the udo. Wow~ the udon tastes so yummy.

Little DinoEgg always drink the soup for any noodles soup we serve him. He took a sip and says YUCKS but continue to eat the udon, crab sticks, seaweed, chicken AND drink the soup. I wonder he says that just to makes us angry or otherwise. Perhaps the miso soup tastes different from those we drink in Japanese restaurant which are usually very salty. Daddy did not put a lot of miso paste as he does not want it to be too salty.

Anyway we realised that recently he's been saying YUCKS whenever he take the 1st bite of any food that we give him. So can I conclude that he is doing this to challenge us n make us upset with him? Well, today he is not succeeding haha! Both of us ignore him.

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