Saturday, September 4, 2010

Everything went wrong

I have no idea what is wrong with Little DinoEgg today, disobeying and disrupting his routine.

We are going for his 1st swimming lesson, so I started to cook lunch early. Serve his porridge at 11am, hoping that he will finish in 30min, rest a while and head off for his nap. However 1 hour later and he is still eating! No amount of threats, scolding, nagging or what so ever is able to make him eat faster. He will put the food into his mouth, chew a while n then his mind wanders off with a dazed look in his eyes. Getting frustrated, I decided to remove his lunch, that sends him crying n whining but I stood firm. Told him that I have given him many chances and long enough for him to finish off his food, I remove it since he is not interested to eat.

I told him to rest for a while and take a short nap before going for his swimming lesson. Warned him that if he do not sleep then he will not go for the lesson. He was very excited about going for the swimming class when I told him ytd. I thought I could make him take his nap without any fuss.... I was wrong.... He refuse to nap!!! Makes me hopping mad n I decided to take a nap myself, totally ignoring him.

Daddy came back at 2.30pm, came into the room to ask me when are we leaving house to the swimming lesson, told him what happened n say NO SWIMMING TODAY! And so he went off to make Little DinoEgg nap, finally at 3pm he was napping there goes our swimming plan.

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