Friday, September 3, 2010

Swimming Class

Finally Daddy agrees to let Little DinoEgg start swimming lessons!

Few days ago I asked my sec. school mate Daniel on swimming school recommendations and he gave me SwimLab contact. 1st coz his son is also learning to swim there, 2nd coz they conduct class at our neighborhood swimming complex.

I dropped them an email few days ago and received a reply yesterday. After discussing the daddy, we decided to go for it. I called Charmaine earlier and was glad to hear that currently they have a new class with only 2 kids :) I immediately told her that I will put Little DinoEgg in the class too. With only 3 kids instead of the normal 8-10 kids in 1 class I know they will get the coach's full attention.

And with a school fees of $240 for a term of 12 lessons, its still within our budget :) Hope Little DinoEgg will fare better then his mummy when it comes to swimming.

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