Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lantern Festival 2010

Last year we did not go anywhere for this festival coz it was raining. This year, the sky looks ok, no thunder no rain so I asked Catherine whether she wants to go downstairs with our kids & their lanterns for a while. We meet shortly after dinner, expecting only a handful of kids walking around with their lanterns in the playground but we were wrong! There are so many kids downstairs with so many different type of lanterns!

Here is Charlotte & Ultraman (modern lantern) and Little DinoEgg & Dragon (traditional lantern)

We walked around the estate looking at the lanterns n the older kids arranging the lighted candles in some sort of pattern or shapes. Both me and Catherine have no idea why kids like to do that hahaha~ Soon, the 2 kids got distracted... ok ok I admit, its Little DinoEgg who got distracted first. He casually n politely ask me to carry his lantern then asking permission (while running away) to go up the slide =.= Charlotte follow him too. I think Little DinoEgg is a bad influence to good girl Charlotte, she only goes crazy when ever she is with Little DinoEgg.

Lets go for a Dinosaur Ride!

And so they ran amok in the playground while me & Catherine stood there holding to their lanterns. So who is enjoying the fun of holding lantern? Definitely not our kids! hahha~

Happy Mooncake Festival! 中秋节快乐!

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