Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stomach Flu virus

2 days ago the school alerted us that some of the N1 kids were vomiting in the morning. The school was afraid that it may be a virus going around.

This morning Little DinoEgg woke up complaining about tummy ache, I thought its coz he is hungry; cannot differentiate hunger n pain, but when I hug him, he feels warm. Took his temperature and its 37.7deg. After that he says tummy pain and wanna sleep :( He then walk into his room and lie down on the bed.

I decided to bring him to Dr Ivan, before we step out of the house he vomited at the toilet bowl. As he did not eat anything earlier, all that comes out are water :( While on the way to the clinic, I called the school to inform them. The teacher informed me that a mum called earlier saying her kid vomit too. Seems like the virus has spread to other classes.

There were alot of people in the clinic, Little DinoEgg complained abt tummy pain, very cold (he was shivering) and want to go home. Finally its our turn, Dr Ivan checked his tummy, its very bloated. When he listen to his intestine he says the intestines are very active, making alot of noise. He prescribe anti vomit n fever, he did not give me the anti-colic med as I told him that we still it. Later while waiting for our medicine, Little DinoEgg told me he needs to vomit and we ran to the toilet instead of purging in the clinic.

He vomited again when we reach home, this time on the sofa. We were resting in the living room, he was lying down on the sofa n it came suddenly. Luckily its only water so a quick change of clothes and clean up to fix the mess. However he threw out his med. No choice, cant give him another time but to wait till later.

I hope he gets better tomorrow and not escalate. Its his 1st arts class tomorrow, hope he can attend it.

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