Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swimming Lesson#4

I forgot to pack Little DinoEgg's towel and have to try to find a towel from the 7-11 =.= No more last minute packing for me. I pop by to MacMac to grab a packet of Apple Dippers but they were OUT! I'm so "lucky"!

Today I stayed throughout almost the whole class (minus out the 15 mins or so trying to find a towel n getting the Apple Dippers). Little DinoEgg has improved =) He was able to hang on to the side of the pool, hold on to his breath n submerge himself while breathing out. His kicking is still no good... toes not pointed, legs not straighten... but he was having alot of fun~

Before the end of the class, Coach R asked them to stand up and then jump into the pool, same as what they did last week. Dunno what happened, Little DinoEgg frozen when its his turn to jump.... Totally different from what he shown last week. When we count 1-2-3-JUMP! he just squat there... frozen... After much encouragement, he jumped in, not as far as Coach R expected him to be. His Indian classmate did a BIG leap into the water today! Wow~ he must have been practicing heheheh~

We have a new friend today. JH is same age as Little DinoEgg, he's an April boy, but he is 1 head taller n 1 size bigger then Little DinoEgg! And JH's dad is about same height as me, unless his mum is really tall which will explain JH's size, otherwise I think something is wrong with Little DinoEgg. Daddy is consider tall; 1.7+m and bigger built, I am not that skinny or short too... how come his size is so small?

Lucky Little DinoEgg did not make a huge fuss when I told him Apple Dippers are out. He was ok to choose something to munch from 7-11, and we came out of 7-11 5mins later with a small cup of mixed berries yogurt.

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