Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daddy's cooking

The weather is so warm that we decided not to go to Granny's house for dinner. I decided to cook the Nuts & Lily Bulb soup and daddy says he will cook the other dishes.

Someone can't wait to eat!

Half a roast duck

Pig's liver with spring onion

Nuts & Lily Bulb soup

French beans with shrimp

Its the first time I cook the soup and surprisingly its very tasty. I was skeptical about the soup as there were nothing that could "flavour" the soup. Soup is not too oily too, Little DinoEgg love it very much. Oh, daddy threw in the mushroom meatballs which I bought ytd to cook with the pasta.

I am not a pig's liver fan but daddy cooked it with sesame oil and it does not have the yucky liver taste.

We had a very filling n satisfying dinner~

PS : We bought the roast duck, no way we have the time or skill to cook that in short time (^^,)

The soup's instructions say 3oz each for the cashew nuts, red beans, lotus seeds and lily bulb but I thought its too much for my small pot of soup for 3. Instead I just put a handful for each ingredients.

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