Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Took Emergency Half Day...

Have to settle something urgently and took afternoon off today. After finishing up my work, I left the office at 12.40pm, had my lunch n was thinking whether to cook dinner tonite or not. Since I have some time to spare I made a trip to the local supermarket.

Since I went into the supermarket without any grocery list or any idea what to cook for tonight, I walk round and round, deciding what to cook, what ingredients to buy etc. And so I came out abt 30mins later with the following;

- Silver Promfret $6.83
- Old cucumber $2.15
- 12 Tiger prawns $3.92
- 1 pack of potato $1.70
- Kau kee aka wolfberries leaves $1.05
- 1 can of stewed pork $3.70
- Pork ribs $4.52
- 1 packet of corn kernels $3.80
Total $27.67

I prepared the ingredients for the soup the minute I reached home n its boiling 20mins later, then sat down to take a rest while waiting for the contractors. I bought the corn kernels for the soup, replacing it with sweet corns, too troublesome to eat. With corn kernels, just scope n eat, no need to use hand.

I start preparing and cooking the dinner around 5.45pm, took me about 2hours to finished cooking. I asked daddy to do the prawns coz I am not sure how long to steam them. The prawns are fresh, I wouldn't want to over cook them n spoil a perfect dish.

The "spread"

Old cucumber soup

Steam prawn

Kau Kee with eggs

Steam silver promfret

Stewed Pork with potato

Today is the 1st time after... hmm... maybe a decade or so, that I steam a whole fish. Of course I steamed cod fish before but that one is easy, just put some fish steaming sauce n steam it for 7mins or so. A whole fish? Its kinda tricky, to me kekek~ coz I forgot how to see to ensure that the fish is cooked. I have to ask daddy to check the fish before switching off the fire and serving it.

Dinner was ready 2hours later @ 7.30pm~ earlier then I expected. I thought we'll be having dinner @ 8pm.

It really feel good to have home cooked meals. And daddy says my cooking has improved hahaha~ *blush blush*

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