Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fruitful trip to MPH

After our SSO Baby Proms concert, we headed off to Velocity for a quick lunch and dive into the Usbornes books at MPH. Starhub is having a promo, 30% off any 3 books from MPH Bestsellers, Usborne Children Books & Lonely Planet Travel Guides. Few days ago Little DinoEgg asked for a book on dinosaurs, I saw a few while choosing for the books couple of days ago. Since we have no plans for the afternoon, I thought we try to find 1 dinosaur book.

There were a few books on dinosaurs, from sticker book to story book to world atlas of Dinosaurs, all which I think its either not what I want (we have enough stickers!) or its contents are too difficult for Little DinoEgg to understand. I wanted to give up and buy some story books instead but Little DinoEgg would not let go of this book; First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

This book is clearly not for his age but he insisted! Even threw tantrum when I told him that he will not be able to understand or read the book. I try distracting him with the other Usborne's story books but my plan fail... in the end he still wants this book AND the story books! So I head off to the cashier to pay for 4 books; 3 books @ 30% discount and 1 book at full price, hoping that the dinosaur books can get 30% discount. To my happiness (lol ya, very happy), the cashier told me that if I get another book then all 5 books will be entitled to 30% off~ I grabbed another story book and I paid slightly over $30 for them. On top of that, I got a free MPH membership card. I am grinning from ear to ear.

While walking out of the store, one of their promo poster caught my eyes. Spend a minimum $30 and be entitled to get a few items at discounted price. The Crayola Mix 'Em Markers is just right for Little DinoEgg as the Crayola washable markers I bought for him earlier this year seems to be "at the end of its life", not much ink left. I went back into the store and got it at $14 instead of usual price of $20. 16 markers but with more then 16 colors, cool~

Both of us were very happy with our "loots". I am keeping my fingers crossed that Little DinoEgg will not ask me to read that dinosaur book to him LOL Gosh... the names are so long n difficult to pronounce! I shall push the "job" to daddy xD

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