Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on my 2nd day of MC

I was feeling better today thought the pain is still there, nothing a painkiller can't fix, therefore I thought of cooking dinner today. I laze around after doing the laundry and hanging them out to dry, wanted to leave home at 10am+ for NTUC to do the groceries shopping but I felt hungry. Cook plain kuey teow and eat very very slowly, by time I was done, its after 12pm. Decided to try my luck at Giant Tampines as I know by now the fresh veggies & fishes at NTUC will most likely be gone.

With no idea of tonight's menu, I moved around Giant with the big trolley. Up and down, up and down, up and down... gosh! I should really try to make it a habit to do up a grocery list. An hour plus later I left Giant with $92+ worth of groceries.

Sesame oil chicken wings

Cabbage with hair moss

Steam sea bass

Pear & shin of pork soup

Trying out a few new dishes. They did not turn out good except for the soup. The chicken wings were not fully cooked but the sauce is tasty. Have to simmer the chicken wings longer. I forgot to add in dried shrimps to the cabbage with hair moss, the dish turn out bland :(

As for the soup, here are the recipe;

Pear & shin of pork soup
* 2 pears
* 2tsp of nan xin bei xin (bitter & sweet almond)
* 1 lemon to juice it later
* soy sauce

This soup helps to clear phlegm n makes your cough better.

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