Monday, November 15, 2010

No more wisdom

I finally get to deal with my wisdom tooth which has been giving me problem for the pass few years. I have been putting it off as I am scared of going to the dentist. All those equipments sends chills down my spine even by the thought of it. However it got worst this year n I decided that I've had enough sufferings, I would very much like to enjoy my life AND food!

Made an appointment and today's the day *nervous* Sent Little DinoEgg to school n made my way to RM macmac, I am determine to have a last decent food before my op which will means soft food for at least a week fm today.

930am came n I am already sitting inside the dental clinic waiting. 945am I am on The Chair nervous like a little girl >.<~ When its time for the jabs, i perspire... asking for something to clutch in my hand. The Dr Lee is so considerate and understanding, she gets her assistant to get Garfield (one of the many soft toys at the waiting area for the kids to play with) for me. I clutched, hugged, squeezed, pulled at Garfield so hard that I am amazed that I did not tear any part of him.

45mins later my ordeal ended with my 2 wisdom tooth. I took a peek at myself in the mirror... Gosh! I look like a hamster with food stuffed in my "cheek pouch".

Its 1pm, the pain killers are wearing off n I am feeling the pain. Going to sleep it off till its time to take the pain killers.

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