Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pan & suit

On afternoon half day as I have a dental appointment, have to remove my stitches. Decided to do a quick shopping before my appointment. I got myself a non stick frying pan and thermal swimsuit for Little DinoEgg.

Metro was having some promo for Tefal products, was walking round n round the shelves, not sure which Tefal to buy, there are Preference, Evidence, Selective etc. They look the same, description on the paper package looks the same, they feel the same, weighs about the same... aarrggghhhh!!! Then I decided on Evidence and my choice just happens to be the correct one. I went to Tefal website and it says Evidence - Daily cooking, practical, good value for money. hahaha~

JH's dad told me last Saturday that Arena is having a warehouse sale from 24th to 27th Nov'10. I am unable to take leave so I decided to just get the thermal swimsuit from Arena Centrepoint. And I did the right choice, they were having up to 30% discount storewide! Grabbed one for Little DinoEgg, cost me $59.05 after 20% discount :)

Lastly, I did an early Christmas shopping, bought Little DinoEgg's Christmas present too. Since I was around the area and Toysrus is having sale.

Fruitful day. I shall try my new fry pan this weekend n Little DinoEgg gets to wear a "thick swimsuit" this Saturday.

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