Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swimming T4 Lesson#5

Today only Little DinoEgg & JH :( T went for the early class as he can't make it for this class.

Actually its good, coz Coach R can focus on the 2 boys, especially JH who is still afraid of water. Both of them did the "batman flight" and they enjoy it so much! Little DinoEgg can now jump into the pool with the 2 boards and swim on his own. He is enjoying every bits of it. And I guess JH felt abit confident seeing Little DinoEgg swimming without fear.

They did the usual blow bubbles routine and this silly boy hits his chin at the side of the pool. How did that happen? Well, he was being playful... ... when he got up from under the water he pushed himself so high up n body leaning forward, when he goes down he hit the floor. He cry out in pain and Coach R actually went to hug him knowing that he hurt himself coz he was playful.

The boys did a "upside down turtle" float, Coach R instructed them to hugged their board; fingers interlaced and feet hooked at each other, tilt head backwards and float. Initially Little DinoEgg was unsure, even though Coach R assured him that he will be holding on to him. A few times when the waves hit Little DinoEgg, he quickly grabbed Coach R. Seeing that this is not working, Coach R makes both of them wear life jackets n do the "upside down turtle" float again. This is better coz the boys can concentrate on getting the feel of floating on their backs and not fearing they will go under the water.

Class ends 10mins early coz the weather was cool, Mr Sun went into hiding. Both the boys were feeling cold n shivering, better leave the pool or risk them getting a cold.

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