Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree~ Oh Christmas Tree~

I love Christmas tree but not a fan of putting it up and decorating it (the thoughts of taking down the deco n keep the tree does not excite me). Not to dampen the Christmas spirits for Little DinoEgg I decided to DIY a Christmas tree.

I bought a big piece of green paper from Urban Write @ $8+, cut it into Christmas tree shape while Little DinoEgg was napping and put it up on the wall. After we came back from our Hippo tour, I told Little DinoEgg that we will starts decorating the Christmas tree after he bath. Later, when I was busy getting all the stuffs out, he decides to draw on the Christmas tree!!!! I was so upset :( Luckily he uses pencil to draw, daddy has to use an eraser to clean off the drawings.

When its all cleaned up we started to decorate the tree with the Christmas foam stickers, streamers and glitter pom poms. Little DinoEgg was very happy to do all the decorating, I only help to stick a couple of the stickers, I prefer to let him do the job himself. I actually wanted Little DinoEgg to draw a big star but he just couldn't get it big enough, so I have to draw it and cut it out. The snowman; or Frosty as Little DinoEgg calls it, was a left over foam craft from last year.

Our Christmas tree for Year 2010!

I hope one day we could have a real Christmas tree in our house.

While climbing onto the bed, Little DinoEgg says to me "Mummy, Santa Clause will come tonight and put some presents under the tree right?" I replied "Oh I don't know, maybe he will. Were you a good boy this year?" and of course the answer is "YES~ I am a good boy!"

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