Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet Smell Xmas for Mummy

I reached home from my Christmas shopping to find Little DinoEgg and daddy having their dinner. Then Little DinoEgg was gone and came out from his room carrying a wrapped gifts saying "Mummy, we have a surprise for you!" Its a Christmas gift from him & daddy for me~~~

A big SMOOCH for Mummy

The Gift

The Gift Card

He insist on opening the gift for me

Gift unwrapped

Perfume & Body lotion

Daddy says Little DinoEgg chose the scent. He said he ask the sales assistant to spray the perfume on the strip and let him smell. After smelling a few, he decides on this scent which he confidently told daddy that I will like it. And indeed I do~ Versace perfumes scent are usually very strong n overwhelming which I do not fancy, this one is light and I love it.

And the gift card with a drawing, Little DinoEgg says its me spraying the perfume ^^,

Thanks daddy & son~ *MUACKZ MUACKZ*

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