Friday, January 14, 2011

Chinese 听写 sentence

"我有一个头、口、手、耳" that what Little DinoEgg wrote after I test him on next Monday's Chinese spelling word of 头and 我. These are the Chinese spelling words for this month. And by the look of it, he does not need to practice it haha~

He tried writing his name many many times on 2 pieces of paper. Why so many times? Not that he does not know how to write. Its the pencils... the ones that Granny gave him keeps breaking, and the sharpener are lousy... A few strokes with a newly sharpened pencil and the lead broke again. And he does not continue from where he left off with another newly sharpened pencil, he has to start all over again coz when the lead broke, the strokes were out.

He managed to write his name and show it to Granny, proudly.

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