Friday, January 14, 2011

Drama King!

On the way to work when daddy called me, saying that Little DinoEgg complained that his leg is very pain and he cannot walk, tell me to take leave to bring him to see doc. I was puzzled, when I see him this morning n when I left the house just barely 30mins ago, he was ok, no complain of pain or anything. Daddy says he was limping & can't walk when they were about to go out, he has to carry him.

I was worried, called the school and was told that he was ok, walking around the school, not limping, no complaining of pain. Teacher Sue says she will observe him and let me know later.

I called again at 1pm+ Teacher Sue says he is ok! She even did a small experiment, she called out to him at a distance, telling him that she has something to show him. This imp... got so excited by her tone and skipped n ran to her =.= She teased him, asked him if his leg is pain or not? How come he is not limping any more? And this fella just smile at her cheekily.

I told daddy and he was upset... coz his son made him so worried n it turn out to be a lie. However I feel that Little DinoEgg just want some extra attention from daddy today. Later that night, daddy says he really know how to act, he was holding on to his knee, limping n his face shows that he is in GREAT pain. Both him n grandfather was fooled by him.

Must be the Act3 classes that he went to haha~ teaching him how to act hee~ Next time must be very careful when he complain of any pain n sore. Dun wanna be fooled by him again.

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