Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can do it myself

Its been very frustrating every morning when its time for Little DinoEgg to wake up. Usually I will wake him up before I head off to the bath room to brush my teeth n bath; told him that when I am done it will be his turn to get up and brush his teeth. Every morning without fail it will be at least 30mins before he gets out of bed. By the time I will be either frustrated or mad.

Ytd I got so upset that I left the house for work with him still lying on the bed. I told him that if he still does not want to get up, I will leave for work, he did not bulge, choosing to ignore me even when I threw his uniform onto him and told him to get dress himself WHEN he decides to get up. Off to work I went, feeling frustrated.

That night daddy says he got out of bed shortly after I left the house, brushed his own teeth and change into his school uniform himself. He did not make a fuss, misbehave or gave daddy any problems. "He was an angel this morning." says daddy.

Ok~~ my little boy is growing up, he is more independent then I thought. Time for me to start letting him do more things by himself.

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