Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swimming 2011 T1 Lesson#2

Happiness is...
  • when you swim with your beloved Coach
  • when you see your child swimming happily
At least in this situation...

I wasn't sure if Coach R is able to take in Little DinoEgg even though he mentioned that he has 4 kids in his pte class. We reached the swimming complex at 2.45pm, I wanted to look for him at the usual pool area but Little DinoEgg stopped at his track outside the toilet and refuse to bulge. He suddenly feel shy, refuse to walk to the pool with me. He wants me to find Coach and see if he say OK then he will (change into his swim suit) go to the pool. I did not see Coach nor his class mate Bryan too. I thought maybe the class is postponed or they are at some other parts of the pool. I walked back to the toilet area to tell Little DinoEgg, was about to walk to the other side of the complex when I say Bryan's daddy *phew*. He told me the class starts slightly later. Since there are about 15mins more to the class, Little DinoEgg joined Bryan in the pool for some water fun with the slides and every thing.

Luckily Coach R says ok to continue teach Little DinoEgg otherwise I will have to deal with a super duper disappointed child who will most likely cry his heart out.

There were 7 kids in the class; including Little DinoEgg, all at different level, Little DinoEgg & Bryan being the most "elementary" lol They are still practicing swimming with their "batman wings", blow bubbles and swim to the red & white flags. 3 weeks of no swimming really is bad :( Little DinoEgg lost abit of confidence, he was able to swim with 1 board before. Never mind, he can build up his confidence again.

When I see so many kids in the class, I feel that its too much for Coach R to handle. I was right... half way through the class, he gather the kids and told them that to listen to instructions carefully and do not jump down into the water unless he instructed them to do so. "There are 7 of you, and I need your FULL corporation. Listen to me, swim only when I tell u to swim. DO NOT swim on you own." I guess he got spooked when Little DinoEgg was struggling and almost capsized while swimming with 1 board. He was too far away to help, luckily I was there, keeping an eye on him, managed to pull him to the side before he goes under. From then on, I am by the pool, watching Little DinoEgg, watching the kids, just in case some of them need help to get out of the pool.

The hour pass so fast! And it started to have a downpour just when the class is ending. I was drenched while running fm the pool to the sheltered toilets. Must remember to throw brolly into "swim class bag". We head off to Mac for some food and to wait for the rain clouds to pass.

PS : I gotta get a foldable stool soon! That way I can sit by the pool side instead of standing for the full hour.

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