Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st Chinese 听写

Last Thursday I open up the blue comm book and saw this....

Yesterday evening 2nd Bro Simon wanna fetch Little DinoEgg from school so I took the opportunity to dash to Popular and grabbed some XL squares exercise books so that Little DinoEgg can practice writing this weekend.

Then it struck me.... my written Chinese character is ugly to the MAX! I definitely do not want Little DinoEgg to learn my ugly handwriting. I thought "just print out the words, cut and paste on the page for him to write". With that I printed out the words in the office, thinking "problem solved!". While on the way home it struck me again.... how about the strokes sequence? We have seen how this fella write his Chinese name, strokes are all wrong =.= This morning I search frantically for some websites that shows Chinese character writing with numbered strokes, just that the ones you see in school. I couldn't find it :( There are some site where they show you the strokes online via video. Some let you generate worksheets for the words you want to practice BUT you have to pay a price to join their membership (BA!)

Not willing to give up, I continue to search and it pays off! I chance upon Learn Chinese Everyday 每日学华语 and my problem is solved! It not only shows the stroke sequence in video, it also audio to let you know how to pronounce the word correctly. Best of all the blog owner 敏敏 has worksheets that show the step by step stroke sequence and its FOC~~~ 敏敏 also have useful Chinese Tools such as Pinyin Chart with Tone, Pinyin Generator & Online Chinese Input. Very helpful for adults learning Chinese for the first time or checking out the pronunciation of unfamiliar characters. I am definitely going to bookmark her website in my blog.

I have found the words in 敏敏's worksheets, emailed to daddy for him to print it out in the office (no printer at home). Going to stick them on the top of the exercise book, tomorrow will be 听写练习日。

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