Friday, January 7, 2011

End of agony wait

I got the call I am waiting for and the truth is;

Pencil poking
ZX was not making noise nor was he talking. He was doing his writing quietly, in fact everyone was concentrating on their writing. Teacher Sha walked away for a minute and she caught Little DinoEgg putting the pencil into ZX's ear. I already suspected that he is not being 100% true to me. I was telling Chris this morning that sometimes when Little DinoEgg knows that he is in deep trouble, he will make up stories to "save his butt".

Scissors cutting
This is 100% an accident. It happened as what Little DinoEgg said. Teacher Sue says Teacher Siti told her its just purely an accident. And the cut could have cut open a vein thus the blood flows out so much n so fast. I feel so sorry for this incident, this morning I prepared a tube of Dr Lily's aloe vera gel, write a little note and told Little DinoEgg to give it to Teacher Siti the moment he sees her in school. Just now when I see him at granny's house, the 1st thing he told me is "I forgot to give the aloe vera gel to Teacher Siti." *faintz*

These incident makes me more determined to strive to my target, to be a SAHM when Little DinoEgg starts P1. Daddy, if you are reading this, BE PREPARED lol

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