Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st sign of disasterous behavior?

"Son use pencil to poke friend's ear n scissor cut Teacher Siti's hand" - daddy's 1st text.

"Teacher Siti's index finger was covered with blood" - came the next text.

My heart fell to the floor and broke into many pieces. I immediately picked up the phone and called the school. Managed to speak to Teacher Sue and she wasn't sure what exactly happened, she did not have a chance to speak to both Teacher Sha on the ear poking incident and Teacher Siti as she has to attend to some other matters.

While on the way home, I ponder n wonder how I should hand this problem. I want to get the truth or at least the near truth out from Little DinoEgg but I do not want to have to scold, threat, demand or see tears or hear screaming or crying, the last thing I want is to send my blood pressure soaring up up and away~~~ I search my memory bank for the various methods I have read from the few good parenting books. I decided to do it in a calm n non threatening way; I'll have to keep reminding myself not to blow my top though, I text daddy to tell him not to scold Little DinoEgg or tell him that I am going to scold him.

When I reach home, I went on as usual, pretending nothing is happening. Then I called him to join me in his room to play with his toys. Casual talking while playing. Then I asked him how's school which he replied "perfect.", I proceed to ask if he has anything to tell me. He gave me a sad look and said "Yes... I cut Teacher Siti's hand with scissors." However he clammed up after saying that, I have to reassure him that I am not going to scold him before he continue.

Here is his version of the story;

Pencil poking
"ZX was talking and making alot of noise, he don't want to stop and listen to me so I put the pencil into his ear to make him listen to me."

Scissors cutting
"I was cutting paper then daddy come to fetch me, Teacher Siti's hand move forward and I cut her finger."

I am giving him benefit of doubts on the 2 incidents. Of course I went on to tell him (calmly) that it is wrong to put pencil or anything into his friends' or his own ears. I reminded him about the ear diagram he saw in The Body Book (as he called it) and the things that daddy taught him about the ear. What happen when we break the ear drum, the consequences of doing such act etc. He was very remorseful about it and accepted the punishment of no playing with Lego till next week, without any protest. I made him promise that he will give Teacher Siti a hug n kiss (which sparks his immediate reaction of eeeeeeeeeeeee) follow by "I'm Sorry".

With that, our small little talk is over. I pat myself on the shoulder for a job though not skillfully carried out {YET} but done with my desired outcome achieved. My heart is still sad, I will only know the real truth tomorrow when Teacher Sue call me after she talk to the 2 teachers.

PS : The No Lego Punishment was thrown to the back of his head when we stepped out of the room... He threw a scale 3 tantrum when I told him to keep the Lego and reminded him about the punishment we talked about in the room. He threw a scale 8 tantrum when I told him to go to his room to cool down before talking to me. OMG! He has short term memory like me?????

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