Tuesday, December 28, 2010

T3 for some fun

Well, I finally got to go T3 (^^,)

The 1st thing that Little DinoEgg wants to see is The Fly; thats the name he gives Daisy, the fiberglass propeller display. He will always heads off to see The Fly aka Daisy for a while before proceeding to our intended destination.

My plan is to have lunch at either Popeye's or some restaurant, its always stressful to have meals with Little DinoEgg at food court coz he will usually leave the table to look for me while I am buying the food. However when we reached there, every restaurant or small eatery just dun seems right. We ended up at the food court. It was fairly crowded, we couldn't find a seat near the noodle store and have to sit at a distance away. After instructing him to STAY PUT at the table, NEVER leave the table to look for him, I left to buy fish ball noodle for him. I kept a long distance eye at him, he was ok, sitting at the table cleaning his hands then the table with the wet tissue. Then I saw him got up the seat, looking around and calling out for me (I did not hear it but from his lips movement, it says "Mummy"). Lucky for me, its my turn to order, then i walk back to the table to lead him to an empty table near the noodle store. We share a bowl of fish ball noodle and a cup of icy cold longan. No mess, no tantrums, no argument, no high blood pressure, just an enjoyable lunch at food court.

We set off to find the Magical Teapot. It was such a majestic teapot with all its vibrate colors~ Can't resist to take some photos of it.

Little DinoEgg goes wild at the small playground at the basement. There were 2 other kids at the playground who were playing alone, Little DinoEgg's squeals n laughter gets into them and soon they were following him around.

Hello Mummy!

Can you see me???

I tried to do some shopping since Changi Airport is having the 'Flying Or Not, You Shop We Absorb' programme =) NO GST! 7% savings, why not? However, Little DinoEgg wants nothing of that *basket!*, he wants to see the water dancing around in the small fountain, he wants to go back to the playground, he even dragged me to NTUC Fairprice as he saw Lego toy inside! We did not buy any coz they have limited Lego City items.

We left about 2hrs+ later, not back home BUT to Tampine's Mall in search for this

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