Thursday, February 24, 2011

$2 tissue

A year plus ago he starts showing up at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station on the exit to Penang Road. Sitting at his wheelchair on the far side of the entrance, his right arm stretched out holding on to the tissue papers, waiting patiently for people to buy them. He never communicates, never open his mouth to ask if any of us want to buy tissue from him. Perhaps its because he think no words are needed since everyone can clearly see that he is handicap, perhaps he couldn't speak clearly due to

During the year, in my split 30secs from the sec I see him when I emerge from the basement via the escalator till I walked pass him towards the bus stop, I've only seen a handful of ladies who stopped n buy tissue from him, most of them gave $2. I've wanted to help him too but sometimes I don't have $2 in my wallet or just lazy to walk up to him (which only takes 5secs) or sometimes I just plainly play blind. Sometimes I feel guilty after I walked pass him, telling myself that "tomorrow I will buy from him."

That "tomorrow" never really came till today. Took me less then 2secs to get my $2 out from my wallet, passed it to him and took the tissues from him.

Sure feels good to fulfill a promise I made to myself.

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