Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When I try to teach Little DinoEgg spelling (both English & Chinese), I always face a problem. He only want to spell the words or write the Chinese character once, the most twice. He is good at it, he sound it out when he wasn't sure about it, every time getting it right. He knows the Chinese character's stroke well by heart. If I tell him to do it another time, he will either give a frustrated big sigh before obliging me OR he will keep saying "I don't know how to spell/write." And every Spelling Day night his answer to my question is always "Yes, I know how to spell/write." I am giving him benefit of doubts, since he shows that he knows the words very well.

Today, I have confirmation that he really knows the words, at least for English spelling

Oh, look! There is spelling today! And I did not revise with him. But hey! He got it all correct =) Now I know I do not have to worry much on his English spelling. Lets wait and see how is the result for the Chinese spelling.

Wait wait wait!!! Whats with the mistake in the numbering???

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