Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#2 Lesson#2

Last week,we were relaxing after dinner, Little DinoEgg told me that he do not want to go swimming any more, he say he doesn't know how to swim. I guess he was having 2nd thoughts after he capsized during class while swimming with 1 board, arms stretched out. Ytd when I told him we are going swimming today he said "Oh No! I don't want to go." I told him that I understand his concerns n worries. I assured him that it will be ok. "How about we go to the pool slightly early so that u can practice swimming in the smaller pool?". He said ok with out any hesitation coz he gets to play with the slides. While my main aim is not so for him to practice swimming (impossible to do that in the small pool with slides n many kids waddling around), most important part is for him to get into the water n play, I do not want him to be afraid of water or reject swimming becoz of the incident.

Anyway, we arrived 15mins early today, he dashes into the water with his board almost immediately. He did swim or try to swim coz its crowded, every one are either running, waddling or walking in the shallow water (the water level is till his hip), while he was kicking water with his board he bumps into some one in a few kicks. When it's time for class, he was abit reluctant to walk over, I have to reassure him that coach is there to help him, its going to be ok, he will not sink etc etc then he went up to the coach.

I watched him closely, wanted to see how he's doing. He was ok with getting into the water n blowing bubbles while holding on to the side of the pool. He was not ok to go into the water with his board. He sat there with his feet in the water, board in his hands, unwilling to move his butt into the water. He wouldn't move even Coach R gave him reassurances. In the end he has to pull him into the water, but he was ok once he hits the water. This went on throughout the lesson. Seems like we are going back to square one, leaping into the water seems to be a challenge to him occasionally. I hope he will grow out of this and gain more confidence soon.

Red packet from Coach

Little DinoEgg received a red packet (a gold packet in this case lol) from Coach. Hmm... its a few days late since the CNY ended on 17 Feb 2011 hahaha~ Nevertheless, I'm sure the kids still feel excited when they receive this, I know Little DinoEgg is. Especially he knows there are some yummy goodies inside it instead of boring money. And this Taiwan muah chee is one of his favourite.

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