Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gruffalo 2011 - The Play

We missed it last year (so sad!) but we managed to get tickets this year! I asked Catherine along, it wasn't till end December 2010 that I have time to pop by sistic to buy the tickets. I was so afraid that the tickets will be sold out, luck is with me, I managed to grabbed 4 tickets for today's show and with very good seating too! I guess its the CNY weekend so most of the parents are busy visiting relatives or they are out of town. Their Lost My Gain *evil laughter*

Today's play is a compilation of both books; The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child, but more towards The Gruffalo's Child. The play started with the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's child in the cave getting ready for bed. The Gruffalo told the Gruffalo's child a bed time story about his adventure and how he met the Big Bad Mouse. Ignoring his father's warning, the Gruffalo's Child steps out of the cave with the Stickman to search for the Big Bad Mouse who is terribly strong, his scaly tail is terribly long. His eyes are like pools of terrible fire, and his terrible whiskers are tougher than wire

Along the way the Gruffalo's Child met the snake in his new shimmering skin who is out for a party to celebrate his new skin, he sashayed, cha-chaed n salsaed but ran away when he heard of the Gruffalo, he definitely does not want to become a scrambled snake!

Then came the not-so-wise owl who taught flying lessons n tries to teach the Gruffalo's Child to fly. Of course he can't since he is not a bird, he turned at the not-so-wise owl, wanting to make him into owl ice-cream! The not-so-wise owl escaped after directing the Gruffalo's Child to the Big Bad Mouse's where about.

Last but not least he met the cunning fox who tries to sell him mice! "Two for the price of one!" says the fox. And like all cunning salesmen, the fox tries to con the Gruffalo's Child, but all he wants is to find the Big Bad Mouse. He manages to escape before he becomes roasted fox.

Unable to find the Big Bad Mouse and feeling terribly hungry n scared (even he has the Stickman to accompany him), the Gruffalo's child ran through the deep dark woods in search of the way home. He ran and ran till he bumped into the mouse, feeling hungry, the Gruffalo's child wanted to eat the mouse on a slice of bread. In order to avoid being eaten, the mouse invites the Gruffalo's child to meet the Big Bad Mouse. It then tricks the Gruffalo's child by standing on a tree branch to use the moonlight to enlarge its shadow. The Gruffalo's child flees, believing the shadow to belong to the real 'Big Bad Mouse'.

It was a good play, there were laughter, squealing, screaming, clapping throughout the 60mins, alot of interactions to keep the little audience on their seats n eyes glued to the stage.

Little DinoEgg enjoy it very much, he love the Gruffalo~ I guess with him being older, he can understand the play better and participate when the characters prompt them as compare to earlier years where he will just look on or I will have to move his hands for him. At least he did not say he wants to go home in the midst of the play *grins*

Our next play shall be... ... ... haha~ not sure yet, will keep a look out for some good ones.

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