Tuesday, February 8, 2011

U are the Ass!

Was wondering around Plaza Sin not knowing where or what to have for dinner. Feeling frustrated, I decided to head home. Its rush hours, the train will be packed, I wanted to take a taxi back. However I decided take the train since I am near the station.

It was indeed crowded, I couldn't even get into the middle of the cabin and have to stand near the door :( While more commuters squeeze into the cabin, those already in the cabin was being forced to move back. Initially I felt a finger poking at my lower back. I thought nothing of it, perhaps its just coincidental. When the train stops at the next station, pple are rushing to go out n get on the train. There were a bit of pushing n shuffling which is normal. I was forced backward, I am sure that I did not bumped into the lady behind me OR stepped on her toes or whatever. Why am I so sure? Coz she pushed me away *ggrrrrr*

Then the words "What an asshole" floats into my ears. (Well the usually noisy cabin was exceptionally quiet that day, therefore I hear it very clearly.)

I turned around, looked at that lady and said calmly "I heard that." (She was clearly shocked that I confronted her.)

She shrugs "Well, I just think that people should look behind before they move. I looked before I stepped behind."

"I was pushed." I said in a as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"You should have told him to look behind before he moves back." (She does not dare to look at me in the eye, keeps adverting and looking else where.)

"I know he did not do it intentionally. He has to moved abit to let others out of the train."

"Well, still he should look behind before moving." (Hello, u deaf or wat???)

"As I said, he did not do it intentionally, he was pushed by the other person too."

"Alright, alright..." (eyes looking at her hands)

When the train stopped at the next station, she said a loud EXCUSE ME n got off the train.

So who is the bigger asshole now! PUUTWEEEEE!!!!

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