Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#2 Lesson #1

1st swimming lesson after 2 weeks break!!!!! I'm excited, Little DinoEgg is excited! But I'm also abit worried, not sure how Little DinoEgg will react after such long break. Will he still jumps into the pool without hesitation? Will he be afraid of the water or Coach R (which is most unlikely)??? We reach the swimming pool 15mins early as Little DinoEgg wants to play in the slide area. He took his googles & board, got into the pool n start kicking while holding onto the board. The water level is low and there were many kids running around in the pool but he dun care about them, just happily kicking n moving forward in his slow pace.

When its time for class, I beckon him towards me and we walk over to the corner. He suddenly stopped at his track, pulled my hand n refuse to move. Shy? Scared? Not sure. Coz when I pointed out Coach R to him, he eagerly runs to him n starts calling him way before he reaches. RELIEVE for me. A while later upon Coach R's instruction, he jumped into the water with a big SPLASH~ WOOT!

Another good news, there are only 2 kids in the class; Little DinoEgg and another older boy =) 50% of Coach R's attention.

Its the same routine of blowing bubbles and swimming to the red n white flag, this time Little DinoEgg did it with only 1 board. He jumped in with his board n happily kicking n swimming forward. Later on Coach R teach him the free style, only the hands, breathing techniques shld be at later stage. Well, now I am confident that Little DinoEgg is at least improving otherwise Coach R would not have taught him that. So 1st lesson after 2 weeks break went well.

Was talking to Coach R regarding some fees issues. I feel weird talking to him... Wait wait, hold ur horses! Listen to me before any one of u think towards the wrong direction. I feel weird coz he is wearing a sun glasses with reflective lens... Firstly there was no eye contact (can't even see the shadow of his eyes). Secondly, when I look at the sun glasses (gotta have eye contact right???) I see my own image in clear view, makes me feel like I am talking to myself. Gives me a "I think I'm crazy" feeling at tt moment lol

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