Sunday, March 13, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#3 Lesson#1

As I have expected, Little DinoEgg dare not do the free style without the float on his back. He tried to bargain with Coach R, who sent him to me when he couldn't "win" him. He came to me whining "Mummy, I only wanna do 1 hand, but Coach R wants me to do 2 hands!" He got so agitated that he was raising his voice. My attempt to calm him down was unsuccessful. I finally managed to get him back to the pool, telling him to tell Coach R to let him try doing with 1 hand, then when he is ok he will do 2 hands. He went to tell Coach R who was trying to lighten things up by saying "ok, left hand = 1 hand, right hand = 1 hand, so only do 1 hand, right?" If its on normal days, Little DinoEgg would have just laugh it off but not today. Today is "Skip nap n be cranky" day. And he did the thing which he knows very well that I would not approve of; he show his temper at Coach R and shout at him.

The minute I saw that, I got up from my seat n started towards the pool, then I stopped at my track. Coach R was giving him a piece of his mind too. Good! He deserves it! However I think he is not fierce enough, perhaps he was afraid that I would disapprove of it? After lecturing him, swimming continues on with Little DinoEgg swimming with the board blowing bubbles as he swim.

At the end of the class, I took Little DinoEgg to one side, how can I let him off for this disrespect behavior? I told him patiently that Coach is also a teacher who teaches him to swim. He should show him respect just like he show respect to his teachers in school. I made him apologise to Coach R. He was unwilling to do so, choosing to stand far away fm Coach R n say out a word SORRY. He is unwilling becoz he know very well that he did something very wrong. I made him go up to Coach R and say a proper SORRY.

On the way home, I told him that I was disappointed with him. Told him that becoz he has chosen not to take a nap thus he has no energy to swim, cranky, bad tempered which leads to all the bad behavior. He looked at me in silence, knowing very well that I am right.

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