Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Block out the sun

Look at my face after a month of being exposed under the glaring n harsh sun during swimming lesson has made me feel sad. My facial tone is uneven and I seems to have more freckles. This is not going well for me! Even though I am sitting under the shaded seats but the sun rays reflected fm the pool n floor is doing damage too.

I asked the gang what kind/brand of sun block they are using, trying to decide or have an idea which one to get; Avene, Cle de Peau, Clarins, Neutrogena etc, aiks! so confusing! They suggest that I try abit on my wrist to see if there is any allergic reaction to the product or not. *sigh* so troublesome -.- I decided to pop by Robinson yesterday during lunch time to look see. When I entered the shop, I saw Biotherm n made a beeline to the counter. I have used their products before and is sure that it is suitable for me.

15mins later I came out of the store with their White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] Make-up Base SPF 30 PA++ (Blue)

Today, I applied it on my face. Initially when I squeeze the content out n saw that its BLUE, I was hesitant... won't it make my face blue or blueish? Nevertheless, I still applied it. Immediately I fell in love with it. It glides on easily, blends into my skin well, doesn't give me a ghostly white look (as with some of the sun blocks), its non sticky or greasy too. Best of all, after I put on my make up, it gives me a more even toned face. Is my face looking abit brighter today?? hahahaa~~~

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