Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#3 Lesson#3

Today's progress =)

A little girl from Coach R's class from the previous school joined us today. She is trying all her ways n means to catch Coach R's attention, distraction all the other boys and interrupting Coach R when he is giving instruction or teaching them. She is annoying me alot! It upsets me when Coach R compares her with Little DinoEgg, saying that "both of them are very naughty"! Oh Please! My boy is mischievous but he does not jump into the water without the coach's instruction, he does not try to disturb or distract Coach or interrupt Coach when he is talking etc. He just sits there on the pool side either playing with water or disturbing the one sitting beside him while both of them waits for Coach to be done with the other kid(s). He knows discipline, he knows that I am watching him n do not do all the wrong things. So please! Do not put him together with this little ger D, he is NOT like her!

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