Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our 1st Adopted Pet

I've decided its time to get a hamster for Master Loh. He's been bugging me since last year after meeting Chris' Mini, Milo & Mojo. I think he is old enough to handle the hamster with care n love it with all his heart.

We went down to SPCA hoping to adopt 1 hamster, I was not having high hopes as I was unsure whether they have hamsters for adoption or not. Well, I was surprised to see at least 20+ small cages of hamsters, ready to go to new home!

The SPCA lady was really patient, bring out a few cages to let Little DinoEgg handle the hamsters. Some of them are not as docile n nipped lightly at his fingers. He finally choose one female hamster. She was calm n was not afraid of Little DinoEgg's rough handling (This is the 1st time he handles hamsters thus still need to teach him on the way he treats a small animal), no nipping or biting from her. About 45mins later, we are done with the adoption papers ^^,

The Adoption Paper and our hammie

And our new pet got her new name while we were waiting for our taxi, barely 20mins after we left SPCA. Little DinoEgg was sitting on the bench with the hamster, admiring her, playing with her then he suddenly blurt out "Joey~ come here~" Thats how she got her name.

Joey the Hamster

We head down to Serangoon North to buy some necessities for Joey at Pets Kiosk Pet Saloon. Got her a new cage, some food n treats etc.

New cage & stuffs for Joey

And here she is, looking so pretty with her big round eyes;

Ms Joey, the Pearl White Hamster

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