Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#4 Lesson#2

Today Little DinoEgg did the wailing act during the class *palms face* Coach R wants him to swim free style with the board, both hands, but he refuses. Keeps saying he can't, he's scared, he wants Coach to be with him etc etc but Coach have to attend to other kids too! I have to coax, encourage n reason with him to try to do it, then I got mad n have to scold him, barked at him to do. All went down the drain... He just keep on wailing n wailing. Coach R have to carry him while he wails away. He was clearly as unhappy as I am. He challenged him to wail as loud as he can and let the whole pool see & hear him.

He could do it without the board, from the side of the pool to Coach and back, but he just refuse to do it with the board. He could kick n swim while holding on the board either on the top or on the bottom of the board. He just couldn't do it while swimming free style.

I had my own thinking... which I shared with Coach R after class. Could it be due to the few incidents tt happened where he capsized while swimming with the board? He agrees that perhaps tts the problem, becoz he could swim very well otherwise, he mentioned that he is kicking faster n faster so he is not afraid of water or going underwater to practice blowing bubbles. Conclusion; its the board I bought for him. Coach R says its for more experienced swimmer. Geezz! Thats not what the Arena sales assistant told me! She says its for kids with NO swimming experience! Coach R says to try to use his board during the next lesson to see if its better.

Ok, I guess thats one "solution" which we can try the next week.

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