Saturday, March 31, 2012

That's why we flock together

Chatting with an "old" friend ytd and I feel good. We went to the same secondary school, we were bestie then. And then time, excuses, work, personal goals plus a ton of other stuffs pulled us apart. Oh ya! She "ditched" me in Sec 2 when she change school hahaha! Thanks to FB aka Facebook, we got connected again.

Life is so funny, it must be something magical or special that made us come into each other's life. Thinking back during the school daze ooppss I mean days with my group of friends, we were from different classes but always hang out during recess, after school, Saturdays for our uniform group activities. For those who are of the same uniform group as me, we gone through more, all those training, marching, competitions, first aid training. Gosh, how in the world we managed to do that on top of all those school work we had? 

After my chat that ended at the wee hours, I took a breather at the balcony, with the rain n the chill wind blowing at me. I start thinking about "Friends". Having met a lot of pple during my XX of yrs on Mother Earth (sorry, sensitive number lol), I have been making new friends, cutting off old ones both intentionally or unintentionally, leaving some whom we have different views and stands, being ditched just coz they couldn't take my directness, crudeness, drama-queen and the list goes on.... Lets face it, we need people to share our emotions, our everything in our life. We started with a cup filled with water, as we walk through our life carrying this cup, we stumble n had some spills, we may or may not refill the cup and carries on the journey. There comes a day where you decided to stop and take a peek at your cup. How much water are left in the cup? Filled to the brim or its near empty? 

Regardless of that, think about this, how much of the water aka Friends can be considered your FRIEND? Out of that much water, how many understand you? As in truly understand you. Not much I gather, at least for my case. And the funniest thing that I found out tt night is, THAT little bit of water is only equivalent to a handful of people. And the most bizarre thing is, that handful of people belongs to those that I left or ditched during the earliest part of my life. 

Yupe. They are my school mates. 

Having connected back with them, we took time to try to get back into each other's life. We talked about "last time", we update each other on our lives, we share our parenting tips, woes, worries, we were the crazy bunch again. 

That was 3 years ago. 

Through this 3 years, things happened, and instead of getting mad at each other, judging, pointing fingers, we laugh it off. We tell each other, or some common friends that we share from other social circles "she is like that. Dun mind her." "I know she will tell u off hahaha~" "I know you are going to get it from her."... things like that. Its with them that you can truly clearly be YOURSELF. They help others see the real you becoz you were like that when we first get to know each other long time ago, all flocking to a particular school, trying to fit in the new school environment and eventually we form our own small group and some how or rather managed to survive those 4 years. 

And like birds, we each flew our ways after we graduate only to find each other back again.

Ytd this "old" friend said that I was kind in relation to something we chatted, I replied that she is kind too. People always attracts people with the same karma to themselves. Its a special invisible chemistry that is working its magic in us. 

We are Birds of a Feather, and that is why We Flock Together some 26 years ago. 


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