Thursday, April 26, 2012

A leader in the making?

After Chinese class, the students were walking back to their usual class area. Little DinoEgg & RF was lagging behind. D went over to the cubby hole to keep something in his bag. Little DinoEgg saw, turn to RF and say "Go and destroy him!" And RF really went up to D and sink his 10 fingernails onto his back! Little DinoEgg joined RF and was about to hit D when Chinese Teacher caught him. 

All 3 were sent to the Centre Supervisor's office, "interrogated" separately, that's how we managed to get the story. No blood but it leaves 10 red marks on D's back.

When I told daddy last Friday, he frown... I thought he is going to tell me what he is going to do to our son, instead he say something like "He is wrong but he will have leadership quality in future." *speechless*

Yesterday daddy relate the same story to his colleagues. Their reaction? Almost singing together "Future Leader!!!!"

*jaw drops*

Now... am I missing something here or they are a bunch of positive thinking people who only see the other side of the issue instead of the negative things? And some of them are in their late 20s n single (with of without gf). New age parents in the making? Or am I too blind with all the naughty things Little DinoEgg do that I fail to see the GOOD QUALITY in him?

Note : Little DinoEgg and RF is the class mischievous pair who cannot sit still in the chair, MUST disturb other classmates when doing school work, does not sit down on the floor and listen to teacher during class. They cannot be seated together too coz they will disturb/quarrel/fight with each other. They are the notorious-shake head-frown pair.


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