Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My twisted spine

This is me.

Yupe, my INSIDE... my spinal cord... my very twisted spine...

You can see its in a S-shape instead of a beautiful straight line.

Note how the disc at my mid back is slanted causing me to have higher right shoulder n lower back tilted causing me to have higher left hip. This is the result of bad posture while using the baby sling and after that carrying of heavy bag daily to work & home. I guess the hard fall on the butt not once but TWICE sometime in the past years also causes my back pain too.

Now take a look at my neck...

See how its slanted to one side? And instead of having a nice beautiful curve as shown by the red marker, my neck is straight. The result of perhaps a bad pillow or sleeping posture. 

The above xrays were taken after I went for Chiropractic First 1st consultation.

Its one thing to know that something is wrong with you but its a slap across the face when you actually see the problem! That was how I felt... I was shocked, then lost, follow by dazed, after the dust settled, I snapped myself out and tell myself that I must do something about it. Had a talked with daddy and he supports me to go for the treatment.

That was in 28 February 2012.

I did my 2nd review yesterday and I am happy to see that I am more balanced, as in I put my body weight evenly on my 2 feet as compare to before where it is more on my right side. 

I am also declaring that I am PAIN FREE! No more migraines, headaches, neck pains, shoulder pains and lower back pain. My mood is happier, no more cranky moody evil mummy/wife that snapped when I am in pain. Best of all, no more menstrual pain!! None! Not before or during those dreaded days in the month. And I do not feel lethargic when I am having my menses, still feel tired but it was not those "crawl back to bed" type.

I hope during the following 1.5yrs of consulting and adjustment, I can get my spinal cord back to its beautiful S-curve and my body frame balanced. Its a long road to recovery but its all worth it!


  1. How is your spinal recovery now? Any progress?

  2. Are you still going for your chiropractic sessions?

    1. Nope, stopped for a few years, may start back when time permits.