Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small Birthday Celebration for Daddy

I always have a headache when it comes to buying gifts for daddy :( He needs so little things and I've bought him practically every thing that he needs; wallet, belt, ipad, clothes, cardholder etc. Used to buy ties and cufflinks too but he do not need them in his current job. I really have no idea what to buy for him this year's birthday, so I head down to T.M. Lewin again. The shirts are on the expensive side but daddy says he like the material and prints. I only wanted to get one shirt but they are having bundle deals (again). Am I lucky or they are always having bundle deals???? So I got 3 shirts, difficult to choose as they have more stripes this time and I settled with 1 dark grey short sleeve, 1 blue thin stripe and 1 purple shirt.

We planned a dinner at Swenson, Thomson Plaza as I am having my chiro adjustment today. Daddy fetch Little DinoEgg from school and meet me at the chiro clinic, off we went to Swenson down at the other end. The pressie was not a surprise coz Daddy can see me carrying *the super big* Lewin paper bag from like 10,000 miles away -.-" I couldn't find another decent or big enough paper bag in the office *shucks* Plus daddy probably know that I will buy him shirts coz I have been encouraging him to go get some since he has grown fatter recently and all his current shirts are a getting tighter.

                                          Our food! 

We sort of ordered too much food, lucky we did not order any drinks otherwise we definitely cannot finish the food. We were thinking of ordering the Chocolate Fondue but I stopped daddy, saying that we should wait till we finish the food then decide if our stomach still have space for that yummylicious desert, which of coz there were none. Nevermind, there is always the next visit to Swenson. 

And since there were no cake, much to the disappointment of Little DinoEgg, he was however determine to have his fun of getting an ice cream "cake" for daddy. While I sent the over excited him with the bottle of sprinkle to ask daddy which sprinkle design he wants I got the tub of ice cream out from the freezer, the ice cream scoope and the fudge. Happily, he dragged his small plastic chair into the kitchen, stand on it n starts preparing the "cake". Daddy was over the moon when he receives his "cake", of course Little DinoEgg was happy to share the "cake". 

A small celebration for daddy's birthday, nothing fanciful, no group of friends, no partying, just a simple one with us. 

Happy Birthday Dear! 


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