Monday, April 23, 2012

Still a Proud Baby Wearing Mama!

I have always pride myself as a Baby Wearing Mama, frowning when (just to cite a few example) my friends struggle with their prams in crowded places or trying to keep their toddlers inside the strollers instead of running around or trying to stop their toddlers from pushing the strollers all over the place instead of sitting quietly inside it. I treasure the bonding moments when I'm out shopping or meeting up with friends while Little DinoEgg is sitting comfortably in the sling. 

Of course back in my days there were only a handful of baby carrier with good support which cost an arm and a leg (in my opinion). So I opt for MIM sling that is only $40+ (still abit expensive for a piece of long cloth n a plastic ring lol). So I sling Little DinoEgg on my right shoulder while he sits on my left hip. With the sling, we go places and left our prints almost every where. Cool~ I enjoy all the admiring stares from others too. 

However, 3yrs after I bid goodbye to the sling, I realized something is wrong with me. I sense that I was walking in a weird way. Instead of striding forward with 2 feet when i walk, seems that I am only stretching my right feet n the left feet always step up near the right feet instead of stretching in front. I sense that my body frame is slanted, when I wear my necklaces, they always seems to sway to the left side instead of staying in the middle. Besides that, I am having constant pain on the neck, head, shoulder n back. The headaches are a killer coz most of the time they escalate to migraines :(

Then late last year a secondary school mate mentioned that she is under going chiropractic adjustment as she has degeneration of bones on her neck which causes her right arm to go numb or the arm will suddenly have no strength. Her body posture improves alot, less aches n pains too after starting the adjustment a year+ ago. I decided to give it a try coz I pride (again) my posture since I was a little girl, standing tall n straight with tummy tucked in. I cannot imagine myself when I am 60-70 years old, hunched back or slanted body frame!!!

For those mummies or daddies who prefer to carry your baby either with a sling or baby carrier or baby pouch, remember to check your posture. Never lift up your hips if you toddler is sitting on it or arch your spine if you are carrying your toddler in front of you. Find a carrier that fits your height and frame. Do not compromise your body posture when carrying your toddler, take care of yourself otherwise you will have alot of pain n aches in future.

Be safe and be a happy pain free parent!

Regardless of the above pains I had, I am and STILL a proud Baby Wearing Mama!

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