Sunday, May 20, 2012

Favourite Mum No More

I received a call from Granny late morning, she says Little DinoEgg has been bugging her to call us since the minute he wakes up.  She was afraid that we are tired with all the unpacking and still sleeping thus only make the call then.

Granny passed the phone to Little DinoEggg, I was expecting the usual "Mummy I miss you!" when he comes to the phone but instead I was thrown "Mummy, can I talk to daddy?"  

*Crow flying across above my head*

"Ok daddy! I'm ready to go home NOW!" he tells daddy eagerly.
And while both of them chatted on the phone, I'm left feeling a pang of sadness.

Being rejected by MY OWN SON! Twice within a short span of 48hours!

The feeling's not good.

I am the one he always runs to for everything; games, fun, food, treats, requests etc.  But not today!  Is it the boy-to-boy or man-to-man thing?  Like girls only confide in girls thing?  

Ok I'm jealous and hurt. 

 BUT don't get me wrong.  Not that I am unhappy that both of them are bonding, I'm far from it.  In fact I am very happy that daddy has taken more interest in his life and getting more involved with him.  He has help taken some pressure & stress in looking after this 6yr old from me.  I can now go out with my girlfriends at least once a month, go for my monthly facial & body massage.  Come to think of it, its not a bad thing to NOT be the favourite Mum any more *chuckles*  Its a win-win situation for ME!  

Time to think of ways to win him back *evil laughter*

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  1. Haha it's not a competition lah! And yes u are right about the both winning part ;)

    1. Its like 2 of me inside myself talking to each other, u know like the devil n angel thing? End of the day We both win (as in myself).