Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll be home soon Daddy

Friday 18 May 2012
I was on leave to do some more packing.  Fetch Little DinoEgg from school, while on the road I asked him whether he wants to #1 Go over to Granny's house tomorrow morning till evening we fetch him home or #2.Stay to "help out" with the moving.  After thinking for a few seconds, he chose option #1.

At home, while getting ready to go over to Granny's, I think back the last time we moved house, he was being a "nuisance" to every one, especially the movers, asking what are they doing (when they are wrapping the plastics over the furniture etc), getting into every one's way, got scolded by us...  I don't want that to happened again this time.  So I asked him again, this time with new options; #1 to stay over at Granny's tonight and we fetch him home tmr evening or #2 just go over for dinner today then go over again tomorrow morning.

His answer.... "Go over today, stay till Sunday." *surprise surprise*

And we packed a little sleepover bag for him.

While on the out of the house Little DinoEgg becomes manja, keeps hugging us and say "aww~ I'm going to miss you daddy, mummy."  All the way to Granny's house, he keeps saying that, till we left Granny house, not before we gave him some basic instructions like "listen to Granny, Er-jiu & Er-jiu ma, don't bully Cousin Yuan..." 

Saturday 19 May 2012
We were done moving, rest and going to call Granny to check on the little fella.  Daddy says he wants to fetch him home as he misses him. 

The phone rings for a while and Granny picks it up.  I told her that we want to fetch Little DinoEgg back home as his daddy misses him, she says ok then says he is in the toilet "making cake" and passes the phone to him *stink*

"Baby, mummy fetch u home tonight ok?"
"huh? WHY~~~ I wanna stay here till Sunday."
"Daddy misses you very much."
"oh... but I want to stay here till Sunday then go to Tai-ma's house."
"But you are not at home how to bring u over tomorrow morning?"
*thinking thinking*
"Mummy can I talk to daddy pls."
*passes phone to daddy*
"Daddy, you did not see me for 2 days and you miss me?  Don't miss me ok?  You'll see me tomorrow morning when I'm home."

Daddy speechless... Instead of us comforting him about not able to be with us, its the other way. Aye, when did my little boy grow up?

So he is still at Granny house.

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