Saturday, May 19, 2012

A little Sunshine came-a-knocking

In the midst of unpacking our stuffs, something cheerful & sunshine came out way.

Daddy was trying to fixed up the SCV setup box, internet connections etc while I steal some shut eye.  

While in my dreamland, I heard the door bell, thought I'm dreaming till daddy came into the room few seconds later waking me up saying "Dear, wake up, some one send you something."  Feeling drowsy I headed out and saw this lovely bouquet on the table!  I was instantly awake!!!

Took a look at the card and couldn't help but smile. 

This pretty flower is from Chin.  Cheeky Chin, we were talking about the Big Move and she asked about my address.  I gave to her, thinking that she want to keep it so the next time when she is in Singapore she can pop by for a visit.

A little about Chin.  She is from Malaysia, we are FB game friends about 2years ago through Jenny Leong, they are long time good childhood friends.  Yupe, another friend we got to know while playing FB games.  We seldom talk and when we really do, its all about the game.  We never chit chat until recently then we share abit of our personal live with each other.

Never did it cross my mind that she will send this little sunshine our way.  It really brightens up our mood cause we were over tired from lack of sleep and the physical toil of packing.  It also brightens up the living room which is cluttered with boxes and stuffs all over the floor.

This is what she say when I told her that I received the bouquet;
"hope you like it Jenn, its a flower with apples Looks great when i chosen fr the album and i tot that cake display might can be reuse."

How thoughtful!  I mentioned to the game gang that I've got a new oven in the new house and will try my hands on baking.  I can use this cake display for the cakes that I bake in *hopefully* near future.

Thanks Chin! 

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