Friday, May 18, 2012

The power of blogging

On the note of blogging, it leads me to think of something else.

Regardless of your mother tongue that you use to write your blog, don't you feel that blogging improves your language, vocabulary, spelling (proper spelling, not those "short-cut" ones), use of words, sentence construction; just to name a few?  My English was not great but it was good enough, but working in a Chinese company for 5 years, really took a toll on my English.  The only comfort I have is my Chinese language scored sky high!  I speaks with proper pronunciation, using Chinese idioms almost daily (some which I did not even heard of), it was so "good" that people starts to think that I am from China.

Anyway, that's beside the point.

I started blogging after I left the Chinese company, had a difficult time adjusting to an English speaking office environment.  In a way, blogging helps me to get acquainted with English again.  I'm still not as good as I want to.  With the birth of my son, my memory is not as good as before, I can be thinking about something/words n the next second my mind is a complete blank.  I become unsure of myself, relying on online dictionary to confirm the word(s) or idioms that I want to use, to check the spelling of particular word(s).  I become long winded, I feel that I could have written in a better way but just could not do it.  Maybe I set a too high expectation on myself.  It sadden me when I read other bloggers' post and see how well they have written.  When reading the same topics we touched on, I chided myself that I could have expressed myself that way or that is what I meant but just couldn't find words for it.

I stopped blogging in October 2011 because I have lost my interest, my busy schedule made it impossible to keep up blogging on Little DinoEgg's growing up, our family progress and the things that we do together.  I think the main issue is I left a group of friends and suddenly I feel that no one will be interested in reading my blog.  I mean, that the purpose of blogging right?  You blog for others to read, if there are no readers, what for blog?

Then in March 2012, I found a group of blogging enthusiastic from Singapore Mom Bloggers.

They got me into writing again.  My language may not be good, words may not be as colorful, thoughts may not be blogged down to express myself clearly but I'm getting there.  Give me time and I know I will show some improvements.

Three Cheers for Blogging!!!

Three Cheers for SMB!!!

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  1. This post has just help me to answer your reply on previous post:). Despite some restriction and reservation, language is part of the learning process of mine to be "free" in blogging.

    So, when is your next post in Chinese?

    1. That post is in my head but no time to do it haha~ u read my chinese blog de meh?:P Jialat.... must be more hardworking over there.

  2. Hahahaaaa!! *Insert SMB logo*

    well done, DinoMum!

  3. Re. writing, everyone feels this way sometimes. I certainly do and I write for a living! I've had a lot of guest bloggers on my site this year and I feel they all write better than me in some sense: Sometimes they just have a better story (i.e. their life is more exciting) or sometimes they're technically better, or BOTH! But I'm not bothered by it, like you said it's about making sure you get better every day... by writing more!

    And really there's no "best" writer around... you'll find your own audience eventually. People might not even like to read posts by so-called good writers because they're too long, wordy, heavy, etc.

    Happy writing!

    1. Thanks for the reassurance Evelyn from a writer you =) I will continue to improve my words n contents, hopefully I'll have as many readers as some of you.

  4. JEN,
    i always follow your blog silently.. when you did not blog i also stop visiting.. so pls don't stop and perfect english does not make ur blog interesting.. so thats your style.
    No one is 100% perfect without mistake but those who follow ur blog like me could understand clearly.


    1. I didn't know I have a silent reader! *hearts warms up* Thanks Cat! I've started the engine again and hopefully I will not be stopping for a long long time. Thanks for being there for me. BTW we've not been spending enough time together :( Now that I've moved "so far" away from you and with our different schedule on weekends, I'll try to meet up with u as often in near future =)

    2. OH no worries We will eventually catch up when you had settled down.

  5. You write well enough for your reader to understand your message, I think that is the most important. I don't write powerful English in my blog too :)
    I think just be yourself & have your own style of writing is consider a bonus already.