Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are your Blogging in Freedom?

I was in Kinokuniya during lunch time to try to search for a cookbook for my aussie friend.  Was walking towards the door when this book caught my eye.

Freedom is Blogging in Your Underpants

Here is the introduction of the book;
This is a book about freedom. Specifically the personal freedom I discovered from the wonderful world of blogging, the freedom I hope everybody will eventually discover for themselves. The freedom that, I believe, will permanently and irrevocably change the world for the better.

Having a blog, a voice, having my own media, utterly changed my life. Suddenly my career as a cartoonist wasn’t dependent on other people: “The Gatekeepers”—publishers, editors, Hollywood executives, etc., etc. Sud­denly I had direct contact with my audience. They had direct contact with me. I could just do my thing, without having to wait for some­body else to give me the “green light.” I didn’t have to wait around for somebody else to deem me “worthy.”

This was the freedom I spent most of my adult life searching for, the same freedom I believe we’re ALL searching for, in one way or another. Careerwise, blogging gave me everything. Even in the early days, the ben­efits of blogging were so glaringly obvious to me, I couldn’t understand why more people weren’t doing it. Ten years later, I still can’t. So I decided to write a book about it; maybe I can help other people find this freedom, too.

I cannot help but to pick up this book and could not help smiling at the same time flipping through it.  I couldn't agree more with these 2 particular pages;

Many a times we hear people saying they do not know what to write in their blog, they are not writers (pls, who are born writers anyway?), do not know how to find their own writing style or voice thus they do not want (or do not dare to) start blogging.  Or they are afraid that their blog post may offend family/people/society/country (maybe the world??), therefore they always have some reservations when voicing their views.  

Well there you have it!  The author, Hugh Macleod has the answer!  All points are Starting Points.  Have a thought, spur or moment thinking, an idea, a rant or whatever, blog it down!

I always tell my friends, your blog belongs to you.  You say whatever you want in it.  Of course you must have some blog etiquette & alot of common sense (logical right?).  If you feel strongly about a certain issue against your family member/the society/the nation/the world, write discretely.  Use the appropriate words, do not just pin point a person or an issue and hammer mindlessly on that, you'll die an ugly death and I guarantee you that you probably don't know what hit you.

You can blog just about anything, like me, I started to blog on the growing up of Little DinoEgg then it branches out to include the Family.  Take some time to think about it, find out what are your passion, how you want the world to see your blog.  Find your niche in the blogging world.  You'll be surprise how you are able to discover yourself along the way.

And eventually you'll be blogging away and finding that Freedom is really Blogging in Your Underpants.... ok ok, maybe minus the underpants part.

Happy Blogging Everyone!!!

**Oh 1 last note... I did not get this book coz *smack myself* I forgot to bring my Kino card which gives me a 20% discount during their current Grand Summer Sale (17 - 20 May 2012).  I'm NOT cheapo!  I just like to put my membership card into GOOD USE.**

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  1. Are you talking about me?!! Hmmmpfff!!

    But seriously though - I totally agree. Your blog, your voice. Why even write to please an audience? In fact, those who appreciate the way YOU think will definitely follow the blog.

    In any case, I blog to document stuff, (and to fuel my exhibitionist streak). There are many ways of describing an event or an opinion, it's always up to the individual's comfort level.

    I'm riding on your post to write my post today! :p

    1. That is the purpose of a blog right? To write what YOU think and not write base on what YOU think OTHERS will agree.

      PS : Pls pay bus ride fare hor.

    2. Cheapo. Same like Kino card!

  2. I was also saying.... you tokking about me too? :p
    And yes, I blog in my underwear. I wear them everyday wor!

    1. wait wait... talking abt u & Regina coz u blog freely or u dunno what to blog?

      Judging fm both of ur blogs pls swing ur underpants n give our a loud WOOHOO~~~

    2. If I blog at home I don't even wear underwear!! :D

    3. eh... this... we dun need to know xD

  3. Do I swing the underpants on or off?

    1. Ms Oon, how to swing with the underpants ON? lol

    2. I thought you may know how since you suggested it.

    3. ok you CAN swing underpants while wearing your underwear. Logic?

  4. etiquette, ladies, etiquette... this is still a parenting blog right?! ;p*as if im expert*

    anyway,back to the topic. I totally agree that having a blog is having my voice, in my media, and i should be as free as possible. Though, i am still in the learning process, which is a long process...

    1. THEY started it! *poutz*

      My feel is, so long as my concious is clear, I say what I feel w/o offending anyone (in my view) then I can be as free as possible.