Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Turquoise Ring for me

I've always like accessories but did not really get my hands on them because I wasn't really into dressing myself up and think that buying such things are a waste of money.  Since last year I have been starting to take care of myself, my dressing etc I have acquired a few pieces of accessories.  Most of them are silver or antique with chunky n exaggerating design.  However when I saw this cute little turquoise rose ring at Adeline's Loft I admit its a little bit girly but its so sweet that I just tell myself that I gotta have it NOW!

The Package
Top view
Side view
The ring came in a small container so no fear of it getting crushed (Yeah, our Postmasters can be very rough sometimes) or damaged while it make its way to you.

I love the vintage ring (very me, can) plus its adjustable so I can choose which fingers to put this cute little ring on according to my mood on that day.  Today I put on a sheer top with blue jeans & high heel, pop this turquoise ring on my right middle finger n instantly I feel cheerful. I am glad that I took the step to try something new *pats own shoulder* its never too late (or too old) to do that.

If you like this ring, hop off to Adeline's Loft, she has many handmade jeweleries for you to get your hands on.  She has some unique and limited edition designs which I am sure will charm its way to your wardrobe (see, I got charmed ^^)

PS : I took picture of the ring on my left hand coz there is an ugly scar on my right middle finger :(

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  1. wahaha~~ of course with something inside so cannot see my sexy lace bra muahahaha~~

  2. sheer tops will go very well with this ring. :p thanks Jennifer for your support toward handmade!

    1. Adeline, thanks for giving me the opportunity to get acquainted with sweet n dainty stuffs =)

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